CETRI, a private SME, brings extensive experience and a well-established scientific and industrial network from its involvement in 24 EU-funded research projects. Within the Ninfa project, CETRI will undertake the following key responsibilities:

  • Dissemination: CETRI will head the distribution of project results to a wide-ranging audience that are expected to use the results in their own work and that includes the scientific community in water treatment and ground water monitoring / hydrogeology, farmers and water utilities, governance bodies, policymakers.
  • Communication: CETRI will also manage the project’s communication efforts, ensuring that the project, and its achievements and findings are effectively conveyed to multiple audiences beyond the project’s immediate circle. This includes reaching out to potential investors, engaging with the media, and informing the general public.
  • Exploitation Strategy: CETRI will lead the project’s exploitation strategy, defining how each project partner, both individually and collectively, intends to utilize the project results for scientific, societal, economic, and policy-making purposes.
  • Clustering Activities: Additionally, CETRI will drive the project’s clustering activities by actively seeking connections with other related research projects. A community for knowledge and best practices exchange, transfer and training will be created, also contributing to formulating specific policy recommendations.