CS5: Ibiza, Balear Islands, Spain

The island experiences Mediterranean climate. It has a surface area of 572 km² and a population of 147,914 inhabitants. However, there are 2,000 tourists per 100 inhabitants, which leads to considerable socio-environmental challenges. Among them, the overexploitation of GW resources is of great importance. The proximity of the sea and the insufficient natural recharge have led to serious problems of saline intrusion, so the island faces a critical water supply challenge, which is being tackled by the installation of desalination plants. The site engaged will be the Potable Water Treatment Plant (PWTP) in Ibiza.

Under the NINFA project, data obtained from this case study from monitoring will contribute to the GW Knowledge observatory that will be created under the NINFA project and will help with the validation of the NINFA Platform.