ZeroPollution4Water Cluster

On June 17 2024, the Water Innovation Europe event, organized by Water Europe, began with many participants. The ZeroPollution4Water (ZP4W) Cluster Workshop was a highlight of the overall event showcasing the great collaboration and transfer of knowledge that has been attained among the 7 sister projects.

The session focused on preventing groundwater contamination and ensuring drinking water quality. Representatives from each of the seven projects of the ZP4W cluster shared characteristics and research done from chosen case studies emphasizing the significant advantages of combining research efforts for greater impact on water innovation.

Hilde Passier from Deltares highlighted the case studies of the NINFA project.

Margarete Remmert-Rieper introduced the Case Study Inventory, a collaborative effort led by the SafeCREW project and the Working Group Communication of the cluster, showcasing the collective work of all sister projects.

A roundtable discussion, led by Bertrand Vallet from the European Commission, bridged policy insights with case study experiences, offering valuable perspectives for future initiatives.

Water Europe held a well-organized event, showcasing the strength of collaboration in tackling water pollution issues.